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18 Ways to Kick off 2018

Hannah Monks, Staff Writer/Copy Editor

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It’s the new year! Everyone is making resolutions and keeping things in mind at the beginning of 2018. These are 18 Ways to kick off the start of your 2018.

1. Make a 2018 Jar – This is a fun way to focus on the positives this year. With all of the negativity through the past few years (shootings, allegations, wildfires, etc.), you might need something to help carry some of that weight. It’s a super simple craft. Find a mason jar (or any jar of your choosing,) decorate it to your liking, and start to write down the positive things that happen each day this year! Open it on December 31st of this year and look back on all the good times you’ve had.

2. Make a “Do Not” List – People around New year’s typically say “My resolution is I’m going to do (insert activity).”  But the plan here is to stop doing certain things. List all of the things you want to stop and by the end of the year you’ll be ready for the motto “new year, new me.”

3. Change it Up – Spontaneity is an amazing change to a planned life, like someone who’s organized. Or planning ahead might be a neat little change to a “go with the flow” kind of person. A little change never hurt anyone, and it can put some excitement in your life.

4. Start Something New – This is a fun way to start your 2018. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but doing something small can really improve your year. Getting a gym membership is one that people often do, or eating healthy. Doing something new can be exciting and a bit scary.

5. Relax – Some people are high strung during the holidays, and New Year’s is no exception. The real way to start off your 2018 is to kick back and relax on the couch when there’s nothing going on. Pamper yourself even.

6. Get Organized – Nothing feels better than knowing there’s nothing to worry about, relaxing in a nice clean room, knowing everything you need to do. Organization skills make for a cleaner start.

7. Go on an Adventure – Remember that spontaneity I was talking about? It comes in right here. Take a day and do something completely different. When you come back, it will have been (hopefully) an amazing and fun time for the beginning of the year.

8. Do Things You Never have Time For – Remember that book club you said you’d visit? Or that recipe you said you’d try one day? Do them. Take some off time you have to spend it on things YOU’VE wanted to do, not something that someone else wants to do just because you want someone to hang out with. Do it for you.

9. Pamper Yourself – Everyone gets over stressed once in a while. It’s always nice to take a breather and just calm down. Run a hot bath or go to the spa or get a massage. Pampering yourself is not always readily available (due to other things going on in your life.)

10. Make a New Playlist – Mix things up and go outside of your boundaries. There are so many different types of music out there that there’s bound to be a genre you like other than what you listen to right now.

11. Forgive the Unforgivable – Holding grudges can out a lot of negativity on your shoulders and cause a lot of unneeded stress that you’d probably rather not have. So try to forgive and forget during the new year.

12. Make Time – There are some things that need a good chunk of your time that you may not have. Maybe you’re at work or school and can’t do things you want. Make some plans in your free time to do the things you want to do.

13. Do Something Boring – Things that you need to do may not always be fun, like doing your chores, or going to work. But it is needed in order to do more fun things. Do something you need to do.

14. Start a New Show – Some people have time on their hands that they just don’t know what to do with. Shows provide entertainment when you’re feeling bored or like there nothing else to do.

15. Update your Decor – The same house you’ve been in for years, and nothing has changed. It can get sort of stale sometimes. Finding some fresh decor can brighten up any house. Good places to go are Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.

16. Start a new Hobby – Hobbies are easy to come by and extremely calling if you find the right one. Some take up knitting, some go for walks regularly if they don’t have the commitment to go to the gym.

17. Plan Ahead – Not knowing what you’re going to do in weeks, months, a year, it can sometimes be scary not knowing what’s going on with your future. Planning ahead can call the nerves.

18. Go to a concert – This is always a fun thing to do. Going to a concert to see one of your favorite artists is an exciting way to start off 2018.

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18 Ways to Kick off 2018