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Super Blue Blood-Moon

Carla Perkins, Feature Editor

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On January 31st, 2018, there will be a blue moon, supermoon, and total lunar eclipse all at once for the first time since 1866. Which means what exactly? An amazing once in a lifetime sight that everyone is looking forward to witnessing.

Total Lunar Eclipse

For those who are not celestially savvy, a supermoon is when a full moon appears to be slightly bigger at the point in its orbit where it is closest to the Earth. Though not an extremely uncommon event, a supermoon combined with a blue moon (when there are two full moons within one month) and a blood moon, or total lunar eclipse, is a rarity and a very cool way to start off 2018.

This event will occur before sunrise and will last approximately 1 hour and 16 minutes, between 5:51 and 6:48am. Unfortunately for us on the east side of North America, we will not get to watch the entire event. But, any early risers who are interested can view the early stages of the eclipse on January 31st. If you happen to be in Denver for the 31st, you will be the first to see the eclipse. The west side of the continent will have the best seats in the house.

You can check this website for more information on when the eclipse will begin and end depending on where you will be in the world come the end of this month:

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Super Blue Blood-Moon