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The Bachelor: Episode 1&2 Recap

Karen Andrade, Staff Writer

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Week 1:

On January 1st, 2018 the new season of The Bachelor aired on ABC, showcasing this years bachelor: Arie Luyendyk Jr.

In the first episode, Luyendyk was introduced to 29 beautiful young women, in which one could potentially become his long life companion. The first episode begins like any other, introducing Arie, and each of the girls and who they are.

Moving along, the cocktail party comes along with the tension rising and impatience being key. At this point in the episode the ladies stop being nice and start the “fight” for Luyendyks heart and attention.

We later get introduced to Chelsea Roy, a 29 year old, single mother to a three year old boy. From the start Chelsea let the girls know she wasn’t there to play games and that she would fight to get Luyendyk.

During the cocktail party, Roy doesn’t hesitate to get what she wants and  finds a way to get “alone time” with Luyendyk, not just once but twice, which send the rest of the girls fuming. Roy, also gets to be the lucky lady to have the first kiss of the night.

Finally, when the rose ceremony comes along, all the ladies believed the girl that would get the 1st impression rose would be Roy, but everyone was left in shock when Rebecca Kufrin, a 27 yr old senior account executive, receives it.

Week 2:

Begins with the girls getting the first date card which revealed that Kufrin, would be the lucky gal to get the first 1 on 1 date, along with Krystal Nielson, a fitness coach from San Diego, CA which results in two 1 on 1 dates only in the second week.

Kufrin and Luyendyks date begins with, Kufrin trying on a variety of beautiful dresses and Luyendyk watching. Luyendyks later surprises Kufrin and lets her keep the dresses along with a pair of Loui Vuitton’s and a diamond necklace.

The second 1 on 1 date begins with Nielson getting driven to a plane field to meet up with Luyendyk. Nielson and Luyendyk, aboard the plane to fly to Luyendyks hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona.

They arrive and Luyendyk begins to show Nielson around his hometown and later arrive to Luyendyks childhood home. Nielson meets the parents which left the watchers surprised because it was just their 1st date. They return to California to end their date with a romantic Dinner.

When group date time arrives, about 15 girls were chosen to go the on the date, making it one of the most drama filled group dates yet, with race car driving with no licences to PTSD meltdowns.

The group date begins with the girls getting told they will be crashing cars to win Luyendyk as their prize. The winner of the group date results in Sienne Flemming, the 27 yr old assistant property manager winning. Flemming also, receives the group date rose for the night.

As the night comes to an end and the cocktail party roles in. Miss Mysterious, Roy finally tells Luyendyk about her son and that excites Luyendyk.

AS usual the heat rises and the drama erupts, with most girls not getting their chance to speak to Luyendyk. Bibiana Julian, a 30 year old executive assistant at MTV Miami, is the first lady of the night to implode, she goes off on Nielson, who yet again finds the time to get more time with Luyendyk and interrupts Julian’s 1st 1 to 1 interaction with Luyendyk.

Finally, the rose ceremony approaches and three ladies get eliminated, Jenny Delaney, Valarie Biles and Lauren G.


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The Bachelor: Episode 1&2 Recap