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Alex Plachta

Alex Plachta

Senior Spotlight: Adi Muhtarevic

February 13, 2018

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”


Photography is a way of capturing a single instant, and allowing the viewer to feel emotions words cannot express. Photography has the ability to pull out little details about common things that most people probably wouldn’t notice.  Being a photographer takes so much more than just a good camera. Taking a photo with so much emotion and character is not simple or easy, yet Adi Muhtarevic makes it seem like a breeze.

Adi Muhtarevic is a student here at Chippewa Valley, but he is not your typical student. While most students were cheering in the rowdy red zone, marching with the band or attending other extra curriculars.

Muhtarevic was doing what he is most passionate about, he was taking photos. He is a hard worker, who does his best to reach his goals. Muhtarevic recently won 3 awards at the Scholaltic Art and Writing Awards. He won a silver key for a single photo, a gold key for a portfolio, and another gold key for his portfolio which also won “best in show.”

Muhtarevic has been taking photos since he was 12 years old.  When asked how he got into photography he said, “I don’t really know why I started taking photos, I just always thought it was really cool. I always saw my dad with a camera and that made me want one.”

Muhtarevic said he started taking photos with his phone and did not become serious about photography until 2016. Now he loves taking photos and spends most of his time in Detroit exploring. When asked what his plans were for after high school he quotes ” I’m not 100% sure what my plans are after high school. I do want to pursue photography as a full time thing.” Although Muhtarevic doesn’t know for sure what he is doing after high school, it is certain that he will continue taking photos and letting people see views from his perspective.


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