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MSU Football Players Accused of Sexual Assault

Alexis Bluhm, Staff Writer

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MSU football has been a big part of peoples lives for years. It’s one of the biggest and most well known teams in the country. Recently, there has been a break out of current and former team players being accused of sexual assault of female students. As of June, Mark Dantonio faced a crowd of reporters who were asking questions about four of his football players who had been accused of sexual assault. so in the summer of 2017, the Coach Dantonio dropped four players as a result of those sexual assault scandals.

ESPN gave out the information saying, “sixteen MSU players accused of sexual assault or violence against women since Dantonio began coaching in 2007.” The current players that have been accused in the last couple months are, Donnie Corley, Josh King, Demetric Vance, and Austin Robertson. They were recently dismissed from the team.

The coach, Dantonio, knew about the first sexual assault back in 2007, but the only thing he did was tell the player to  “go to your mom and tell her what you have done.” He was still allowed to play on the team and never got charged for his crime.

This has not only affected the players and the MSU students, but has also affected the staff. MSU sexual assault counselor, Lauren Allsuede, left the school in 2015 because of , “Frustration about how administrators handle sexual assault cases.” she believes that they don’t take it as serious as they should. When Allsuede found out that the coach only made the player talk to his mom about what he has done, it did not make her feel certain that he would not do it again.

More then half of the sexual assault cases against the players have not gotten charges against them. Most of the reasons behind that is because the girls didn’t go forward about the sexual incidents until it was to late to prove anything. Most girls didn’t want to go forward, but the parents of the victims made them go to court.

The news is still waiting to hear if the coach will be let go because he knew about the sexual assaults for over ten years and is just now starting to do something about it.


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MSU Football Players Accused of Sexual Assault