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Breanna Murmyluk, Staff-Writer

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On April 19th the student body of Chippewa Valley was gifted free water bottles and a new drinking fountain and a water bottle filling station that is located by the lunchroom. Surprisingly, after a few days, students are still utilizing the water bottles and proudly carrying them around. Some kids have even drawn nifty designs on them or put their name on it in order to make it their own.

Delta Dentals and MESSA sent workers in to add a water bottle filling station to one of our old existing fountains. The main purpose of this is to cut back on plastic waste and reduce the number of plastic bottles being used. With earth day just passing, this is a wonderful way to contribute to our environment.

MESSA is a Michigan company that works towards helping educators and schools all around the state. They strive to provide health care and insurance for as many educators as possible with cost-effective options. While working towards providing benefits, they try and benefit the environment also. Delta Dentals also believes in what MESSA does. That’s why the two companies came together to put a grant together. The grant offered: to install the water bottle filling station, give out water bottles, and possibly up to 750$ for the school to use on future fountains and programs to promote healthier habits.

Thanks to the media center specialist, Mrs. Williams, we were entered in the contest to have the chance for this opportunity.

“I thought, since we didn’t have one, this would let kids get water instead of spending their own money or going without water.”

While talking with her, she expressed how students always buy water each day when there are water fountains everywhere. When she saw this contest in the MESSA magazine, she realized this would persuade kids to use the fountain again. A major complaint from the population of the school is how unsanitary the drinking fountains can be and how the water is often warm. William’s knew this was just the thing the we needed.

This was a great win for the Valley, considering last year’s bond unfortunately did not pass. With the new fountain in our school, it is our hope that this will help us push for the passing of the next bond. Another major goal is to increase recycling and keep our school green.

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Fountain Fun