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Advice for the Class of 2019

Brooke Dobbs

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The 2018 school year is coming to an end at Chippewa Valley High School. Soon the hallways will be less crowded, the parking lot will be empty, and there will be large shoes for the juniors to fill. Here’s some advice and experiences from the graduating Class of 2018.

“Don’t over work yourself, senior year is fun and should be enjoyed. Don’t stress yourself out,” says Devon Grifford. He says that senior year was his favorite because it wasn’t too stressful but at the same time he was still able to have fun.

Cassidy Cronk says, “Have fun, stay involved! Make memories appreciate everything you have. Prepare yourself for adulthood. Things won’t always be as easy as high school.” Cronk says senior year was her favorite year because it was laid back and she only had 2 classes at Chippewa.

James Gowans says “Don’t mess up, stay on top of your school work! You might develop senioritis and it sucks.

Nicole Williams says “Be prepared for essays and don’t study too late. Being prepared for this school year will make everything so much easier for you.” She says essays were the hardest part of senior year besides having to say goodbye to everyone.

Tamaria Griffin says “Stay positive, don’t get into drama! Look at the bright side of every situation. Don’t let bad vibes get to you.” Griffin says you’ll regret it if you don’t treat people the way you want to be treated.

Emily Kummerl says “Go to as many football games as you can! Those are going to be some of the best times of your senior year.” Kummerl says the sports events made her senior year so much more fun. There was always something going on so there was never a boring day of senior year.

You can visit Chippewa Valley High Schools Twitter for updates throughout the rest of the school year and the following years @cvhs_bigreds

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Advice for the Class of 2019