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It verses It

Isabella O'Brien, Staff Writer

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We all love clowns, right?

Well, after you see It, either in the theaters or on the couch at home, your view of clowns will be forever different. Pennywise The Dancing Clown seems like a friendly and funny name, but in reality it is an alien clown that terrorizes the kids in a small town called Derry. When the children are alone he attacks, becoming their worst fear and then attempting to feed. He possesses the ability to turn into anything, such as a leper or even a werewolf.

The clown seems to be getting his way until a group of kids, known as The Lucky Seven or The Loser Club, decides to fight back so he won’t be able to hurt or feed again. When the kids seem to have won, he slips down a drain and pretends to be dead. In spite of that, 30 years later, Pennywise is back… and he is hungry. As soon as the kids, who are now adults, hear about this, they meet up again to defeat It once and for all.

So now that you have an idea of what I’m talking about, it’s time to compare the two versions of the terrifying novel written by Stephen King.

The original clown was creepily more friendly than the new clown. He knew what he was doing and was sure of himself when he talked. The 2017 version, directed by Andes Muschietti, of the terrifying clown sounded as if he was very unsure of himself. He questioned himself when introducing himself to the main character, Georgie. In the original, Tommy Lee Walaces wanted to keep the kids innocent, while Muschietti made the movie more modern by abandoning the innocent children view and had sexual comments and profanity. Compared to the original, there was little to no cussing.

There was a clear difference shown in one of the characters too. Beverly, an innocent school girl, was made fun of because her dad was a janitor in the original. In the new version she is believed to be sexually active and smokes in the bathroom. Aiming to make the movie more modern, they made Bev into a completely new person.

The world has become more mature along with recent movies. The original It is cleaner and more entertaining. Walaces’ definitely went all out for this film and his version contained something that the 2017 remake never hit. The 2017 version didn’t even get to the adult part. So we can expect an It: Chapter Two in the near future. However, for now sit back and relax, if you can, and watch the original It.

In my opinion, I would rate the original as a 9/10.

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2 Responses to “It verses It”

  1. Jordan Piklor on October 11th, 2017 11:55 am

    Great article!

  2. Jordan Piklor on October 12th, 2017 9:13 am

    Although I have to disagree with the view on the Beverly character. Her character in the miniseries is radically different from her character in the novel. In the new one, she is represented exactly how Stephen King wrote her in the 1980s. So I feel that saying her smoking cigarettes and other aspects of her character to make it more modern is an unfair argument.

    Also, interesting view on the Pennywise character. Bill Skarsgard probably was intimidated by Tim Curry’s now iconic performance.

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It verses It