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Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Barnes
Mr. Barnes is a very well known teacher at Chippewa Valley for being energetic and outgoing. He is loved by so many students and has never had a bad word spoken about him. Mr. Barnes has been working at Chippewa Valley for 20 years, and started teaching at Chippewa Valley late in life. He was 44 years old when he decided to become a U.S. History and History of Motivation teacher.

Mr. Barnes has done many things in his life time. When he graduated in 1973, he went into the Marines for three years. He said that the Marines taught him so much and has made him who he is today. "There's not a day that goes by where I don't think about the time I spent in the Marines," he shared. After the Marines, he went into teaching at a Catholic school, but quit because it wasn't for him. Later, he opened up his own pizzaria, but Barnes realized business wasn't his calling either. He also took up many other things in life, such as acting, making commercials, and working at a factory for a couple of years.

Mr. Barnes always says, "I'll take happiness over being rich any day." He inspires his students everyday to learn how to be happy without only focusing on money and trying to enjoy all life has to offer.

Mr. Barnes always looks for the bright side in life. He says he loves to cook all the time, he cooks for his wife every day of the week. Mr. Barnes said that if he never met his wife, he wouldn't be where he is today. He is so grateful for her and everything she does for him. Mr. Barnes overall is a loving, heart-warming person who inspires people everyday.


Alexis Bluhm, Staff Writer

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