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Kimberly Schulte
Kimberly Schulte became passionately involved in journalism at a very young age. In middle school, she was convinced to enter an essay contest which originally sparked her interest in writing. Schulte's grades have always been on the decent side and although she found math and science to be a challenge, history and English had always been fun for her. She was never really involved in after school sports or extra curricular activities; however, she spent a lot of her free time trying to improve her writing skills as much as possible. She has written a lot of stories and has many unfinished novels stored on her laptop and multiple notebooks. She has always enjoyed writing essays for any class and find prompts to be fun yet challenging. Schulte believes that it is very important for other students and teens her age to be socially aware. She has written a lot about social constructs and the different cultures around her. She used to write on a blog that was dedicated to educating the youth about political and social issues in the media today. Although she no longer writes for this blog, it was a nice improvement for her writing abilities and really helped educate her on certain topics that were inconspicuous to her.  Schulte is excited to be writing for the school newspaper and hopes it will help further improve her journalism skills.

KImberly Schulte, Staff Writer

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