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Kimberly Schulte
Kimberly Schulte is a senior at Chippewa Valley who has been a part of the Tomahawk for the past three years. She is the newspaper's News Editor and enjoys writing and publishing stories on politics.

Schulte is also the Vice President of Gay Straight Alliance, a student club here at The Valley. Initially, she had dreams of becoming a journalist following her high school graduation, but now she is planning on going to college to become a dietitian.

In her freetime, she enjoys sleeping, reading, and writing stories. She loves old music and movies, and her all time favorite film is the Outsiders. She also has a huge interest in the 60s and 70s entertainment culture.

Schulte's favorite part of being at Chippewa Valley High School is being a part of the school newspaper and being able to cover controversial political topics.

Kimberly Schulte, News Editor

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